Simple, Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your Home Before Listing It For Sale

If you want your real estate agent to get you top dollar for your home when it sells, it needs to be in top shape when it's listed. The listing photos need to show off how well the home has been taken care of and how clean it is.

Even if your home hasn't been remodeled in decades and you don't have the spare funds to remodel, there are some simple, low-cost ways to greatly improve the look and feel of your home.

To this end, here are some inexpensive and easy ways to boost the appeal when your home is for sale:

Swap Out Old or Mismatched Appliances with Used

When you list your home for sale, the appliances in the kitchen need to match each other. And, if you live in a high-end home, they should all be stainless steel. Even if you hate the trend, if the appliances aren't stainless steel, buyers might comment and expect a discount on the price.

So, what do you do if the existing appliances are old or mismatched, but you don't want to spend thousands of dollars to replace them? The answer is simple—swap them out for used appliances! 

Nothing says all the appliances in your home need to be brand new or the ones you've been using! While your real estate agent won't be able to say the appliances are new in the home's listing, potential buyers will see matching appliances, and it will help your home sell. 

Clean Like You Need to Eat Off the Floors

In addition to nice-looking, matching appliances, your kitchen and every other room must be spotless. They should be clean enough to pick any surface and safely eat off it. 

Think about the last time you visited a motel and found a dirty sink or hair in the shower. Now think about people looking to buy a new home. Do they want a space they have to clean before moving in? No, they don't. And if your home isn't spotless, they will move on to the home for sale that is!

Ask Your Real Estate Agent to Walk Through and Take All of Their Suggestions Seriously

Lastly, you are hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your home because they are experts. 

Since every buyer and their agent will bring a new set of eyes to your property, ask your real estate agent to walk through and note any areas that need fixing or improving.

Taking all of their suggestions seriously will help your agent help you get the best price for your home when it sells. 

Contact a real estate agent to learn more about preparing a home for sale