Digital Moves For Home Sales

When the time comes to sell your home, you would be doing yourself a huge disfavor if you fail to take into account the importance of using every high tech means and gadget available. High tech can enter into every aspect of selling a home, from marketing to showing to closing the deal. Read on to learn more about some can't-miss technical innovations that will only help you get your home sold quickly and efficiently.

Just drone on

These are not just fun toys, they can be extremely useful when it comes to aerial photography and showing your home from a unique angle. Just imagine how video and photos from a drone poised over your home can excite and tempt potential buyers when they view the online listings. Not only can the buyers see how your home is situated on the lot, but they can view the entire neighborhood. Additionally, instead of just saying how close your home is to a certain feature, such as the beach, you can literally show them how close it is.

Apps and remote viewing

Not all sellers can stay put in their home until it sells, but you can take advantage of a number of new high tech helpers to stay on top of your home's major systems and security. Cameras and sensors can be installed to keep a watchful eye on your home when you can't be there. For example, you can control your heating and cooling and monitor access through a smartphone app. Think of the money you can save by being able to adjust the heat or air conditioning before and after your home is shown. Additionally, you can place a number of sensors in vulnerable areas, such as near the hot water heater, to constantly monitor moisture and other malfunctions.

Smart lock-boxes

Your realtor will use lock-boxes to gain entrance to homes on the market for some time, but this new twist makes it even easier for them and allows you to monitor the comings of goings of both the agents, lookers, tradesmen, and more. Instead of having to enter a code that unlocks a box with a key to the door, this method involves sending limited-time access codes to those needing entrance.

Closing time

If events have conspired to prevent you from signing important paperwork in person, you can now access and legally sign documents online or even on your phone using signature sites like DocuSign.