Selling Your Home This Fall? Seasonal Tips To Boost Curb Appeal & Maximize Buyer Interest

After a long, hot summer, most Americans are looking forward to the cooler temperatures and brilliant foliage colors that signify the arrival of autumn. For homeowners who are preparing to sell a house, however, the arrival of fall can bring with it some challenges they will need to overcome. If you are one of these homeowners, the following tips will help you maximize your home's curb appeal, attract more qualified buyers and get your home sold more quickly:

Compensating for fewer daylight hours

As fall arrives and the daylight hours grow shorter, sellers may worry about how this will affect prospective buyers as they view the home. A good way to combat this gloom and ensure that buyers will be able to enjoy viewing your home is to install several attractive solar lights. These inexpensive lights can provide an attractive border along sidewalks, around the perimeter of the home, and near entryways. In addition to making it easier for prospective buyers to navigate your lawn and outdoor areas, these lights can also help attract attention from the curb when placed near the real estate agent's lawn sign. 

Dealing with leaf litter 

The same trees that display their beautiful foliage will quickly become the bane of a seller who is striving to keep their lawn looking clean and uncluttered. While it is unrealistic to try to remove the leaves from the lawn every day, taking a few minutes to clear the leaves from sidewalks, steps, porches, patios, and pool areas, will keep your home looking as appealing as possible from the curb.

If your hardscape areas are large, using a leaf blower or a small air compressor will help make the job faster and easier. When the weekend arrives, leaves can be either raked and bagged or mulched to nourish the lawn using your lawnmower fitted with mulching blades. 

Making each buyer visit more memorable

Pumpkin spice and fall weather go hand in hand, so it makes sense to offer visiting buyers this fall favorite when they visit your home. While the buyers are likely to be appreciative of the treat, you will really be reaping the benefit of having them spend additional time enjoying your home and becoming more familiar with it.  

For even more ideas about adding curb appeal to your home this fall, sellers should take time to discuss their concerns with their listing agent. These agents work daily with both buyers and sellers, giving them an excellent insight into what is most likely to impress buyers during this fall selling season.