Are You Looking For A New Home?

Are you moving to a new area of town? Perhaps you're moving to a new city. Or it may be that you have just outgrown your present home. For whatever the reason, here are some ideas on how to be successful in your quest for a new home.

The Neighborhood - The neighborhood in which you will live can be as important as the house you select.

  • If you are moving to a new house in your present city or town, you might want to remain right in your own neighborhood or at least in a neighborhood that is not far away. By doing that, you will still be close to your friends and to services you use presently. 
  • Are you moving from another city? Will you have the opportunity to visit your new city even before you meet with a real estate broker? If so, consider just driving around neighborhoods so you can get a feeling for the one you like best.
  • Of course, a real estate broker will also be able to direct you to the perfect neighborhood for you. For example, if you have small children the real estate broker will probably show you homes in family-friendly neighborhoods. Family-friendly neighborhoods often have many benefits, like being in close proximity to schools and parks.

The House - Think about what you want in a house so that you can be specific with the realtor when you meet with him or her.

  • For example, if you love to entertain, you might want a house with a large living room and dining room that are connected to each other.
  • If you love to bake and cook, a spacious kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment will probably be one of the features to point out to the real estate broker.
  • Consider if you want a one-story house or a multi-level one. Do you want an established garden? If so, the real estate agent might show you previously owned homes that have pretty back yards and front yards already in place.

Remember that your real estate agent has the experience and the training to give you ideas you might not have even considered. For example, if you are a retired older couple, the real estate agent might ask you if you would like a house that is on a bus line so that you won't have to drive to places like the doctor's office.