Condo And Dog Ownership: Here's What Your New Community Should Offer For Optimized Convenience

Are you getting ready to look at condos for sale for you and your dog? Here are a few features the community should offer for optimized convenience in the coming years:

A Fenced Dog Park

In addition to the walking paths and grassy patches that you can expect your new dog-friendly condominium community to offer, make sure that there is at least one fenced-in play area for your furry family member to enjoy on a regular basis. It's important that your dog has a safe and interesting place to explore while outside without having to be leashed.

And being able to visit a fenced-in play area once or twice a week will enable your dog to practice their socialization skills with other dogs and people alike. If a fenced-in play area isn't available in the communities you'd prefer to live, choose one that is located within walking distance of a dog park or general park where off-leash walking and playing is allowed.

In-Home Pet Care Services

Another feature to look for when choosing a new condo to purchase is in-home pet care services. You should be able to have your dog's nails and hair cut just by making a phone call to the community's pet center and scheduling an in-home appointment.

When you want to go on vacation or are called away on business, you should be able to rely on the pet center to provide you with the dog sitting services you need no matter how long you'll be gone. At the very least, your new condominium community should provide concierge assistance for the pet care services that you'll need as time goes on.

Specialty Dry Cleaning Access

As a dog owner, you likely have a problem with getting pet hair and unpleasant smells on your clothing, especially when spending quality time snuggling on the couch together. Basic washing doesn't always get the hair, dander, and unwanted smells out of clothing. So, you may find it convenient to have access to specialty dry cleaning services within your condo community.

Condominium communities that offer this service will use custom soaps and accessories that are designed to get pet stains and smells out of things like clothing and furniture. The service may work just like any other dry cleaning shop that you'd visit in your neighborhood, or it could be offered only once a month or seasonally depending on what kind of space and tools they're working with.