Five Locations Where You Can Find Property Listings: Can You Name Them All?

It used to be that if you were going to sell or buy a house, you either looked in the newspaper or you visited a real-estate office. That was it. Now you have several more options for property listings. Test your knowledge of the world of real estate against the following to see if you can name five of the most popular locations to find property listings.

Real-Estate Apps

Real-estate apps are a way to bypass the real-estate agents and find properties on your own. The prices listed are not always updated, however. If you see something you like, call an agent to find out if the price has been lowered recently compared to what the app says.

Rental Property and Rental Vacation Property Apps

Frustrated with failed attempts to sell a property, some owners try to turn a profit by turning the old residence into a rental property. You might be surprised at how many rental properties were for sale at one time, and how many owners would sell in a heartbeat if someone would only ask. The best part is you could rent the property for a week to see if you like living there before you make an offer to buy it.

Real-Estate Agencies and Websites

Going to the agencies is an old-fashioned approach, which you can still do. However, it is just easier to go to their online websites, and check out the properties they have listed and those that they are featuring. Their websites also make it easy for you to narrow down properties by location and price, if you know exactly what you want to spend and where you want to live.

Classified Ads

Again, this is the fairly old-fashioned approach, but if your computer is defunct, or you just do not have a computer and internet access, a daily or weekly paper helps. The only downside to this option is that only local homes are listed. You will not be able to see any homes for sale in another region or location.

Grocery Store Announcement Boards

It is a crazy spot to place properties for sale, but when homeowners are selling their houses without the help of real-estate agents, they place announcements with contact info on grocery store announcement boards. This applies to other community announcement boards, too. You might find a real gem of a house just by reading these boards while doing laundry at the laundromat or shopping for groceries.