How Long Will It Take To Sell My House?

Everyone wants to know how long their house will take to sell. If you are ready to sever ties with a property, chances are that you would like to see it go sooner rather than later. Although there are no definitive answers to the title question, there are many factors that will affect your selling time.

Correct Pricing

Home value is a complicated subject matter; it depends on what's trending, what the current interest rates are, and whether it's a buyer's or seller's market. It's always advisable to have a real-estate agent price your home. Pricing too high is a common reason that people need to sit on a property for a long time. Chances are that your buyer will be consulted by a local real-estate agent too, and their agents are often the gatekeepers for property viewings. So, if you price your home too high, you probably won't get much interest.

Ready-to-Go Condition

Homes that are not in ready-to-go condition frustrate buyers, sellers, and real-estate agents alike. Before you put your home up for sale, make sure it would be ready to switch hands within the next month. Get a home inspection and correct any urgent issues with the home. These could be things like mold or lead paint remediation that make the house safer to live in, or they could be major issues with plumbing or structural elements that must be fixed within the next two years. Take care of anything that you need to do on the property. If you have unfinished construction projects, don't show the house until they are completed.

The Right Real-Estate Agent

We aren't talking about good or bad real-estate agents here. There are many great real-estate agents in the world. But the one you need is someone with local experience. You also need an agent who knows your target audience well. Some real-estate agents have a more natural rapport with single-family buyers, while others are able to uncannily pinpoint the needs of luxury bachelor-pad buyers. Understand who your buyer is likely to be, and interview real-estate agents based on their knowledge of these intended markets.

Selling your previous home quickly frees up your cash and allows you to put it into something that meets your current needs. Follow these steps, along with a real-estate agent's advice, to find your buyers quickly. To learn more about how to best sell your home, talk to a local real-estate agent today.