Great Places To Get A Vacation Home If You Love To Fish

If you're looking for a vacation home, and you're an avid fisherman, then it would be a fun idea to pick a spot that will let you enjoy your passion while on vacation. This list is going to give you three ideas. The first one is located near New York City, so you will be close to fine dining and theaters, as well as awesome fishing. The second is in big sky country, and will put you near some of the best river fishing in the world. Finally, there is a Florida location that is perfect if you want to head out and do some warm water, deep sea fishing.

Glen Cove, Long Island

This town is located on the north shore of Long Island. This puts you right near the Long Island sound, not the Atlantic Ocean, which is on the southern shore. The sound is calm enough so that you can take out a small boat at night and fish without worrying about navigating harsh ocean waters. However, if you do want to head out and do some deep sea fishing, you can head out on an early morning, boat east and travel out past Montauk to go deep sea fishing.

The cool thing about Glen Cove is that it is so easy to get to from NYC. If you don't have a car and don't want to drive around, you can take a train from Penn Station and get there. This is great for those nights you want to head in and see a show or concert after a day of fishing but don't feel like driving through crazy traffic.

Cody, Wyoming

This fun town is near to Yellowstone. If you like fly fishing, then this is where you will find everything you love about the sport. Amazing views, great rivers, and a wide variety of fish. In particular, the river is famous for it's trout.

If you also like to go camping, and prefer a more rustic style of fishing (in the stream, hiking through the mountains) then Cody is perfect. You are near one of Americas greatest parks and will have access to an endless supply of tiny streams, brooks, and ponds to fish from.

Islamorada, Florida

If you like warm weather, and deep sea saltwater fishing, then head down to the Florida and look at Islamorada. It's in the Keys, and is renowned for it's fantastic fishing. The area has a unique geography where many of the beaches are small, so they are not populated with tourists. This has turned it into a much more quiet spot when you compare it to some of the hot spots in Florida. However, you will be withing walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean from almost anywhere on the island.

The weather is fantastic, and many of the residents are very involved in fishing, so you will have lots of fun talking with your neighbors and trading stories. You can head out to fish for Marlin, Shark, or other big fish. If you don't own a boat, then you can take advantage of one of the many popular charter companies that run on the island.

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