There's No Place Like Your Open House: Tips For Making The Event Stand Out To Home Buyers

Open houses are common ways for home buyers to be able to get a sneak peek at a house that's for sale without having to ask for the individual attention of a real estate agent for a showing. Having an open house won't guarantee that your home will sell, but it can get people to look at your house and consider it. If you are having an open house, use these tips to help make the event memorable and help your home stand out to buyers at these events.

Tip #1: Be There to Personally Greet Potential Buyers

While an open house can be conducted entirely by your real estate agent, home buyers do like to meet sellers directly. When you are there to personally greet home buyers, offer them refreshments, and speak to them about the home, it can make a big difference. It can convey that you care and are trustworthy. Also, this gives buyers the chance to ask questions that they may have about the property. If you reassure them of certain things about the house, it may pique their interest and make them want to look further into owning the property.

Tip #2: Offer Alternate Staging of Rooms

Yes, you should stage the rooms of your home carefully for an open house. The key is to appeal to the largest number of buyers, so it's best to go with neutral colors and basic furniture. However, it is also a good idea to offer alternate staging of rooms with photographs to help the home buyers get a better idea of the potential each room has. To do this, you may choose to have photographs of alternate décor or even have computer screens open to a slideshow with photos of alternate staging.

Tip #3: Offer Refreshments and Parting Gifts

If you are going to have an open house that is well-advertised, make it worth your while by going all out to attract home buyers and make them feel comfortable. Serve food and drinks. Beverages should include water, soda, and diet soda. Depending on your anticipated attendees, you may even serve wine.  Food should be simple but delicious. Consider cheese and crackers, hummus and pita bread, or even mini pizzas. Be friendly and ask guests how they like the food. Be sure to have something on hand for those who may be allergic to the main food choices that are being served.

Finally, keep in mind that an open house is your first and last chance with many home buyers. After attending an open house, the buyers' interest is either piqued or not. Follow these tips to help it stand out so that the potential home buyers will not be able to get the house out of their minds.